Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Truth Has A Way Of Coming Out

It's about control & a lack of shame.....Abolished Tech. Committee.
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Hide, power control, cover up and lack of transparency. Our association has sunk to all time lows.
Thanks, Deb, for telling it the way it really is.

Deb Blagg said...
Ms. deLeest’s “help” consisted of providing an example of another tech committee charter from a business. I used this template as an example, modified for our non-profit HOA to draft the charter. Even after I used her template, Ms. deLeest voted twice to reject the charter. I included measurable objectives and a schedule to keep the committee focused. I have learned from many years in business that you can’t manage what you don’t measure; a foreign concept to our BOT as evidenced by the goals which are published without metrics and without continual tracking. I went through 3 iterations of revisions to the charter until the committee was reduced to a temporary committee with only one goal - to submit a report to the BOT. The draft charter was sent to the BOT for feedback twice; it was also sent to the Community Relations Committee by Ms. deLeest. The watered-down charter was finally approved in February.

After being approved in mid-Feb, the committee kicked-off in Mar and met 5 times, during which a survey was created and disseminated in paper form and online. The committee elected to not require names to encourage participation. The survey period ended with the last surveys received with election ballots in July. The results were compiled and identified the members priorities - highest rated was electronic voting along with emergency communications, online transactions (permits, pay bills) and an improved website.

The committee then looked at each of the priorities. I researched online websites and voting platforms, I presented a verbal report on online voting to the committee in May. In Aug I submitted a summary report of three potential HOA website platforms for inclusion in the final report. Turnkey cost for a new website hosted by a company specializing in HOA websites would be $100 to set up and a recurring cost of $500 per year. All of the HOA websites reviewed would be a big improvement - and would make Member-to-Member communications possible via messaging, without sharing private email addresses or phone numbers.

The work of the committee was abruptly ended in Aug by the BOT. It was not on the agenda and the Chairman was not notified that a motion would be made to terminate the committee. Our final Aug meeting was canceled and the Board didn’t want to a final report which would have included survey results and info on online voting and HOA website options. The work of those on the committee was essentially thrown in the trash - all in retaliation of my motions at the Annual Meeting, which were my personal actions and had nothing to do with the Tech Committee. The malicious BOT and their office puppet refused to even let David inform the Members of the outcome of the Survey.

From the outset, the Board resisted this committee. They delayed its approval and implementation to ensure I would be off the Board before it’s work was complete. They wanted it under the CRC, for more control. The CRC also wanted to own the committee because they are charged with “communications between members”. The fact that this committee was supposed to identify how we could use technology to improve communications and manage the business of the HOA. In reality, the CRC - aided and abetted by the BOT and office - places a chokehold on communications. As is obvious from the Tech Committee’s article being rejected, members cannot publish in the Weekender and cannot freely, easily communicate with other Members.
Deb Blagg said...
Thousands of HOAs across the US use online voting. It is legal in WA - we just need to amend the bylaws, which I proposed legally in a Members meeting or the RCWs. The Board and it’s attorney denied the members a vote. However, there was a commitment by Gary Williams to put this on the budget ballot in Nov. Once we amend our by-laws, we only need to choose from one of many online voting platforms which will cost less than the mailed ballots and hiring someone to count ballots. There are reputable companies that use secure online protocols for voting with reliable results. Those who don’t use technology can still submit written ballots which are added to the online votes for tabulation of results. The BOT rejects this technology - along with all other technology that will make it easier for members to communicate and vote. The 25% who are currently controlling everything in Surfside will continue to do so until the other 75% decides to stop them. When they are ready and willing to demand change, I will be happy to help. In the meantime we will continue with the status quo.